Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana

Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana is situated in the middle of four industrial centers. Seymour City is located at the intersection of two rail lines, and is served by Interstate 65, Highways 50 and 31, and State Highways 11 and 258.  Click to View/Download a map of Seymour.

Seymour Transit Passenger User Guide

The City of Seymour is protected by three fire stations, strategically located within the city, and the City Police Department, which is located in downtown Seymour at 205 North Ewing. The State Police Post District 43, is also located in the city of Seymour on East Tipton Street, and provides protection for the counties of Jackson, Jennings and Bartholomew.

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Make Seymour Home!

Seymour’s offerings are sure to please everyone! Seymour is nestled amidst southern Indiana’s wildlife refuges, national, state and private parks — but yet offers a modernized and unique downtown business section that has been revitalized.  It is said that our “Small Towns, Historic Tracks” has made Seymour-Jackson County the place that really does have everything you’re looking for.  Click for more information on our parks.

The downtown business section in Seymour offers a mixture of retail and service businesses. The beauty and convenience of shopping in the historical downtown section gives consumers a unique shopping experience. Antique shops, outlet stores and quaint country gift shops are also popular shopping attractions in the Seymour community. Click for more information on shopping, dining and lodging in Seymour.

Brief History of Seymour

Seymour Railroad

Approximate date of photo: 1910

The first settler on the land that is now Seymour was James Shields who brought his family here in 1816 and built on the property which is now the old city cemetery. In 1820, he received a land grant for the ground he had homesteaded in the area called Mule Crossing.

The son of James Shields, Captain Meedy W. Shields, who later became a State Senator, inherited his father’s land holdings and developed it into a prosperous farm. During the latter 1840’s, a north-south railroad connecting the Ohio River at Jeffersonville with Indianapolis was built crossing the Shields’ farm. In 1852, an east-west railroad was being surveyed through Jackson County and Shields persuaded the railroad company to run through his property. In exchange for this favor, he agreed to name the town after the railroad’s civil engineer, J. Seymour. Seymour, Indiana quickly became a major center of commercial activity. The city was incorporated in 1864 with a population of 1553.

The Reno Gang

According to Wikipedia, “The Reno Gang planned to rob their first train near Seymour; the town was an important rail hub at that time. On the evening of October 6, 1866, John Reno, Sim Reno, and Frank Sparkes boarded an Ohio and Mississippi Railway train as it started to leave the Seymour depot. They broke into the express car, restrained the guard, and broke open a safe containing approximately $16,000. From the moving train, the three men pushed a larger safe over the side, where the rest of the gang was waiting. Unable to open the second safe, the gang fled as a large posse approached.”

The secret of the gang’s missing loot lies buried with Reno brothers in unmarked graves in the old Seymour Cemetery.

Working in Seymour

Seymour is a great place to live AND work!

For more information on the business climate of Seymour-Jackson County, Indiana, visit:

Jackson County Industrial Development Corporation

Greater Seymour Chamber of Commerce

Seymour Main Street

Seymour Indiana

Construction on the Seymour Gateway Project has started. Enjoy the provided 3d animation concept design video, and then come to Seymour to see it firsthand and enjoy all the city has to offer.