865 F Avenue East,  Seymour, Indiana
Chad Dixon, Director
Karen Jones, Office Manager
John Edwards, Supervisor of Sanitary Services
Bernie Bryant, Environmental Educator
Phone: 812.524.1100


The Department of Public Works is under the control of the Board of Public Works and Safety and under the daily supervision of the Director of Public Works, who is appointed by the Mayor.

Recycle/ Drop-off Hours Monday-Friday  7:30-3:00; Saturday Hours 10:00 -2:00

Seymour Department of Public Works



Each monthly residential sewer bill includes a $3.00 fee to cover landfill disposal fees for regular household trash. The Department of Public Works (DPW) picks up trash once each week at each city residence in the City of Seymour. The city has provided 96-gallon gray toters with black lids to be used for the automated trash system (Robo Trash). One gray trash toter has been distributed to each city residence. Additional toters may be purchased from DPW. The gray toter must not be used for the disposal of hazardous materials such as flammable liquids, human or animal waste, syringes, ammunition, paints, used motor oil, etc.

All regular household trash MUST BE BAGGED and placed INSIDE the gray toters. The DPW will pick up two large items (such as a sofa and chair) per week. There will be no additional charge for these large items if they are set out with the regular trash.

All trash must be set out by 7:00am on the regular trash collection day for curb-side collection. Trash  Toters need to be 3 feet from any objects in order for the automatic trash &  trucks to pick up.  No alley pick-ups will be scheduled.


Extra trash includes materials generated from basement or garage cleanouts, etc. A minimum fee of $15.00 or the current landfill fee per ton, whichever is greater, will be invoiced for additional trash pick-up. No hazardous materials such as asbestos will be accepted.

TV’s, monitors, laptops (anything with a display screen) at the curb on regular trash collection day will be picked up and a fee of $20.00 will be invoiced by DPW payable by mail (865 F Ave E, Seymour) or visit us during our normal business hours. Payable by cash or check.

Arrangements for extra trash pick-up may be made by calling the DPW office at 812-524-1100. 


Construction / contractor debris includes all remodeling, roofing, landscaping, tree trimming, concrete and related materials. Arrangements to pick up construction / contractor debris may be made by calling the DPW office at 812-524-1100. A DPW supervisor will assess each request for construction / contractor debris pick-up in order to determine the equipment required for disposal of the debris. Construction / contractor debris will be invoiced on a time and material basis. See “Equipment Hourly Rates” below.


Chipper Truck  w/operator             $75.00 / hr.
Clamp Truck  w/operator                $75.00 / hr.
Dump Truck  w/operator                $65.00 / hr.
Pick Up Truck w/operator               $50.00 / hr.
Back Hoe w/operators                    $65.00 / hr.  (includes ground safety person)
End Loader  w/operator                  $75.00 / hr.
General Laborer (per person)         $25.00 / hr.
Supervisor labor                             $35.00 / hr.


Yard wastes include grass clippings, leaves, small twigs, garden waste, etc. Yard waste materials may be taken to the DPW facility located at 865 “F” Ave. East, in the Freeman Field Industrial Park. Small amounts of yard waste (less than a pick-up truck load) may be placed 2-3 feet away from the gray trash toter on the regular weekly trash pick-up day. Do not mix paper or trash materials with yard waste so that the yard waste materials can be ground into mulch and made available free to the public.  Grass clippings taken to the DPW facility must be placed in a dumpster marked for grass clippings. All bagged clippings must be removed from the bag and the bag placed in a trash container next to the dumpster marked for grass clippings.  Arrangements for the pick up of large quantities of yard waste (more than a pick-up truck load) may be made by calling the DPW office at 812-524-1100. An additional fee for large quantities of yard waste pick-up will be invoiced based upon time and equipment required. No alley pick-ups will be scheduled.


The city of Seymour remains committed to preventing recyclable waste from entering landfill space by maintaining a strong recycling program. City residents are encouraged to participate in the free curbside recycling program. City residents participating in the recycling program receive a 96-gallon gray toter to use for recycle materials only. The recycle toters are designated with a yellow lid. The recycle toters may be set out with the trash toters on regular trash pick-up days. Recycle items that can be placed in the recycle toters include; plastic bottles and jugs only, steel and aluminum cans, newspapers, magazines, clean pizza boxes, office paper, hard and soft-cover books, eating and drinking glass jars only. Recycle These  Large quantities of clean and broken-down corrugated cardboard may be taken to the DPW facility or arrangements may be made for special pick-up by calling 812-524-1100.

As with trash pick-ups, recycle toters must be set out by 7:00am on the regular trash collection day for curb-side collection. Recycle Toters need to be 3 feet from any objects in order for the automatic recycle trucks to pick up. No alley pick-ups will be scheduled.

Recycle Tote

Recycle Totes:  

The yellow-lidded Automated Recycle Totes have been delivered to current residential recycle customers.  Only recyclable materials should be put in the Yellow lid toter. If you are a Seymour resident, but currently not a recycle customer, but wish to start, please contact the Dept. of Public Works at 812- 524-1100.

Recycle facility hours of operation:

In addition to the curbside recycle program, the city operates a recycling drop-off center for disposal of household hazardous waste as well as recycled materials. The drop-off center is located at 865 “F” Ave. East, in the Freeman Field Industrial Park. Dumpsters are provided at the drop-off center for recycled materials.

Oil-based paint, used motor oil, anti-freeze, automotive and rechargeable batteries, scrap metal and yard waste may also be dropped off at the center. Household batteries should go in regular trash.

All hazardous materials such as pesticides, cleaning materials, mercury thermostats, flammable gas or liquid containers must be signed in with the recycling attendant before they can be accepted into the facility.

The recycling drop-off center operates Monday through Friday 7:30am to 3:00pm and Saturday 10:00am to 2:00pm.