Where may I find lost animals?
Check with the Humane Society of Jackson County, located on G Avenue in Freeman Field to see if the Animal Control Officer has picked up your animal. You may call them at 522-5200 or visit the shelter to see if your animal might be there.

What do I do with an animal I found?
Call the Humane Society of Jackson County at 522-5200 to see if they have a report of a lost animal, and ask them what you should do with the animal. If you see an animal running loose and you think it has run away from the owner, it would be good to call the Seymour Police Department, 522-1234, and ask the Animal Control Officer to check it out. He may be able to catch it before it is hurt or killed in traffic.

How can I adopt an animal?
The Humane Society has many beautiful animals that can be adopted. Call them, or stop by and pay them a visit, to see about animals that are available.

How long are animals kept?
The Humane Society will keep a pet for five days before it may be euthanized, as space is limited. Vicious animals may be put down after three days.


Where can I find information about Day Care?
Call Child Care Network, 113 N. Chestnut Street, at 812-523-1825. They can give you information on licensed day care centers in the area, or help you establish one of your own.

Where can I find information about children’s sports and activities?
The Seymour Department of Parks and Recreation (812-522-4020) will be happy to give you information on sports leagues for children, which include baseball and softball in the spring and summer, and soccer in the fall. Park & Rec. also can give you information on swim classes and summer recreation in the parks. Each school in Seymour has information on athletic activities available for their students.

The Seymour Boys and Girls Club, located at 950 N. O’Brien Street (812-522-2434) and Girls, Inc. of Jackson County, 956 N. O’Brien St. (812-522-2798) also have summer and winter programs for children and young adults. Call and get more info about fun things to do!

Contact First Call for Help 211 for the most up-to-date information about community resources.
Dial 812-376-6666 or 2-1-1.


Does the city have any jobs available? How much do they pay?
Contact the Human Resources Department office in City Hall at 812-522-4020 or stop by to check the job postings. An application form may be picked up from the Receptionist at City Hall, 301-309 N. Chestnut St. or download application on this site, under Human Relations.

Can I get information about the employee manual?
A copy of the personnel policy manual is available at the Human Resources office in City Hall.


Does Seymour have a noise ordinance?
There is a noise ordinance regulating the noise from a vehicle that has been altered to create noise. If someone is creating noise with music, partying, etc., at a level that is offensive to nearby residents to a point that they complain to the Police Department, the incident will be investigated, and they will be asked to lower the volume or to cease the activity during hours that people are normally sleeping. Charges can be levied against persons who are creating a public nuisance.


Where can I pay my parking ticket?
City parking tickets (violating the two-hour ordinance in the downtown or parking in a handicap parking spot without a permit) may be paid at the Seymour Law Enforcement Building, 205 N. Ewing St., during regular business hours only. Tickets written on a City Ordinance can also be paid at that location.

Where can I appeal my parking ticket?
Your parking ticket for downtown may be appealed to the Seymour Police Department if you think it has been issued without due cause.

Shelter House or Picnic Area Rental

How can I rent a shelter house or picnic area for my reunion?
Call the Park and Recreation Department to schedule reserving a place for a family reunion or picnic at one of the parks. They will explain the way it works to you, and help you select the best place for what you need. This department also schedules reserving ball fields or soccer fields for practice or games. Also, they arrange for the use of One Chamber Square and for the use of the Community Center downtown. See the Department of Park and Recreation for more information.

Trash & Recycling

When does the city pick up my trash/recycling?
Schedules for trash pickup and curbside recycling pickup depend on where you live. See the trash pick-up schedule for more detailed information. Your recycling will be picked up at the curb on the same day that your trash is picked up. All recycling bins are to be placed on the curb, not in the alleys. A free bin may be obtained at the department of Public Works, located at 865 F Avenue East, Freeman Field.

When does the city pick up leaves and yard waste?
Yard waste is picked up year round. Call 524-1100 if you have a large amount, due to pulling up shrubs, trimming around trees, etc. Leaves are picked up in the fall, and a schedule will be released at that time, which will be available for you online.


How often does the water company read the meters?

The Indiana-American Water Company reads the meters and bills the customer each month. This is a private company, and for information and questions you may call them at 1-800-492-8373.

Where can I pay my utility bills in Seymour?

  • The Office Center, 105 S. Broadway (there may be a minimal fee, and some require cash payment)
  • Indiana-American Water
  • Duke Energy
  • Vectren Energy (gas)
  • Frontier
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Comcast
  • Direct TV
  • City Hall, Sanitation Office, 301 N. Chestnut Street. Seymour Municipal Sanitation Utility (SMSU) – or pay online
  • Cinergy MetroNet, 110 S. Chestnut (Cinergy MetroNet bills only)
  • Frontier on line

Help! My commode is backing up and my sink is stopped up – this must mean that the sewer is clogged. What do I do?

First, call Seymour Water Pollution Control (WPC) at 812-522-5351 and let them know about your problem. If the main line of the sewer happens to be stopped up, it will cause your sewer to back up. They can check the main line (at no charge) and tell you if it is stopped up. If the main line is O.K., then it has to be your problem, and then you need to call the plumber.

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