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The Department of Public Works (DPW) picks up residential trash once per week at each residence in the City of Seymour. The City provided 96-gallon gray toters to each city resident in September 2009 when the automated trash system (Robo Trash) was put in place. Your gray toter must not contain any hazardous materials such as flammable liquids, human or animal waste, syringes, ammunition, paints, used motor oil, etc.

The $3.00 per month fee on your sewer bill is a landfill disposal fee for your regular household trash.

DPW workers will take two large items (such as sofa and chair) per week, at no charge, if placed out with your regular trash. Trash must be set out by 7:00 a.m. the day of your trash collection.

Yard Waste & Limbs:
Yard waste ( grass clippings, leaves, small twigs, garden waste, shrubbery trimmings, etc.) can be bagged or placed in a 35 gallon container and set 2-3 feet away from your regular trash for weekly pickup by our yard waste crew on the same day as your trash pickup. Do not mix paper or other trash with your yard waste or it will have to be taken to the landfill instead of being mulched. Regular weekly yard waste does not need to be called in, unless it is missed. Large piles of limbs or shrubbery, (more than an arm load), should be piled separately by the road and called in at 524-1100 for a special pickup. All yard waste, limbs, and Christmas trees are ground into a mulch/compost product and given away to area residents. Yard Waste can now be dropped off at the Dept. of Public Works, 865 F Ave. East in Freeman Field. Yard waste includes tree limbs and bushes. Grass clippings may also be dropped off and should be placed in a separate dumpster that will be clearly marked for grass. If your grass is bagged, you will need to empty that bag. A trash container will be available to deposit the empty bags.

Extra Trash Pickup:
An extra trash pickup is trash beyond your regular household trash. This includes remodel debris, clean out of a garage or basement, roofing materials, etc. DPW workers will pick these items up and transport them for free, but you will have to pay the landfill bill. Place your order for an extra trash pickup by calling 524-1100 and giving DPW all the billing information they need. Your items will then be picked up, disposed of and a bill sent to you. There is a minimum charge of $15.00, or the current landfill fee per ton, whichever is greater. No hazardous materials, such as asbestos, accepted.

TVs, monitors, laptops (anything with a display screen) at the curb on your trash collection day will be picked up for a fee of $20.00 will be invoiced by DPW payable by mail (865 F Ave E, Seymour) or visit us during our normal business hours. Cash or check only.

Seymour residents are strongly encouraged to participate in Seymour’s FREE curbside recycling program by calling 524-1100. At no cost, you will receive a gray toter with yellow lid and information. on the program.  The toter should be placed  next to the trash toter by 7:00 a.m. on the day of your trash pickup. No toter pick up in the alley.  Large amounts of clean and broken down corrugated cardboard can be dropped off or called in for special pickup.

Recycle/ Drop-off Hours Monday-Friday  7:30-3:00; Saturday Hours 10:00 -2:00 
The DPW offers the following opportunities for recycling and disposal of hazardous waste through several drop-off programs. The above mentioned recyclable items plus corrugated cardboard can be dropped off  at our facility at 865 F Ave. East in Freeman Field. Please use the labeled blue dumpsters for this purpose only. Oil-based paint, used motor oil, anti-freeze, and automotive and household batteries can also be dropped off any time at our specified location, see signs. Scrap metal, including items with Freon in them,  and yard waste can be dropped off only Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and must be checked in at the main office. All hazardous waste; pesticides, cleaners, mercury thermostats, flammable gas or liquid containers, etc. shall be signed in at DPW main office.

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