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The City of Seymour is located one hour south of Indianapolis, one hour north of Louisville and one and one-half hours west of Cincinnati. Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana is the place to live your future! Seymour has a population of approximately 20,000 residents and is served by Mayor Matthew Nicholson, Clerk-Treasurer Darrin Boas and seven Councilmembers.

Seymour is a thriving industrial, commercial, and residential community based on well-planned growth and progress. The quality of life is demonstrated by Seymour’s “small town” yet bustling atmosphere, beautiful parks and open spaces, attractive landscaping and arterial streets, a low crime rate, quality schools and affordable housing. Because of the geographic location, a pro-business environment, and a proactive local government — Seymour is expected to continue to grow.

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Applications for Quality-of-Life Project Grants Available

The Seymour Redevelopment Commission will accept grant applications for quality-of-life projects from June 1 until June 30, 2023.

These grants provide partial funding for projects that benefit Seymour's designated TIF districts and TIF allocation areas and improve the quality of life for Seymour residents.

The grant application process is open to nonprofit and government organizations whose projects fall within this scope.

Examples of previous successful applications include matching grants for the new HVAC system at the Seymour Museum Center and Seymour’s Tree City USA program.

Grant funds cannot be used to purchase consumable goods or retail items that are distributed to the public.

New projects and/or infrastructure may be given priority. Materials purchased or costs incurred prior to the awarding of a grant will not be considered for retroactive funding.

Per Indiana Code, projects must benefit public health, safety, morals, and welfare; increase economic well-being of the city and state; serve to protect and increase property values; public uses and purposes for which public money may be spent.

A second application period will run from Dec. 1 until Dec. 31, 2023.

For questions or more information, please contact Michelle Gossett at mgossett@seymourin.org.

Funding Request Overview

Funding Request Application



Request for Proposals

The City of Seymour is accepting emailed proposals from qualified companies to provide audio/recording system upgrade services.

Emailed RFP submittals are due not later than May 31, 2023 at noon (local) to:

January Rutherford, Information Specialist
City of Seymour—Mayor’s Office

Emails shall be clearly marked in the subject line as “Proposal for Seymour City Hall Audio/Recording System Upgrade Services”

Click on the link below to review the RFP information.



South O’Brien Street Rehabilitation Project

Expected start date

April 2025


This project aims to improve pedestrian mobility to and from residential, commercial, and school facilities. The project also aims to improve the roadway condition and drainage, and to lengthen its service life.


Currently, sidewalks exist only intermittently throughout the corridor. No sidewalk exists on either side of the road for approximately 4,258 feet of the 5,871 feet of these segments. In addition, several side streets with existing sidewalks end at O’Brien Street with no sidewalk continuity across or onto O’Brien Street. There are also several locations with worn paths along O’Brien Street, indicating frequent pedestrian use. Curbs exist only in isolated locations and are typically very short due to roadway overlays inhibiting drainage along the entire corridor. Very few drainage structures exist, and where they do exist, there is often no evident outfall to a defined system. Most of the corridor features no drainage (open ditch or enclosed), and runoff collects at the side of the road and infiltrates or ponds. East Tipton Street (a short street separate from US 50, which also carries the local name East Tipton) intersects O’Brien just 90 feet north of U.S. 50, and the auxiliary lanes on O’Brien Street approach U.S. 50 and extend through the East Tipton intersection. This makes left turns from East Tipton Street to O’Brien Street difficult and potentially dangerous, as sight distance to northbound oncoming traffic could be restricted by queued vehicles in the southbound lanes. The condition of pavement varies throughout each segment due to isolated resurfacing efforts performed in 2016 and 2018. Where the roadway was not resurfaced, the pavement exhibited frequent cracking in the wheel path, which is considered a structural failure. The original roadway was constructed in the 1930’s and has been overlaid four times throughout its life cycle.

Project details

This project consists of a full-depth reconstruction of pavement, additional curb and gutter on each side, and sidewalk on both sides of the roadway. The sidewalk along the west side from Village Circle Avenue to U.S. 50 will be six feet wide adjacent to the back of the curb with no buffer. In the segment between Village Circle Ave. and U.S. 50 intersection, the sidewalk along the east side will be 5 feet wide separated from the back of the curb by a 5-foot-wide buffer. In some locations along the west side from Village Circle Avenue to U.S. 50, the sidewalk will transition to a 6-foot-wide sidewalk adjacent to the back of curb with no buffer to avoid right-of-way conflicts (ROW). ADA-compliant curb ramps will be constructed on each side of each street crossing, and sidewalk transitions will be used at each driveway crossing. The drainage for the proposed roadway section will consist of a curb and gutter on each side throughout the project limits, regardless of sidewalk placement. Therefore, the roadway will be drained by either curb inlets or an enclosed drainage system that connects to the existing storm sewer.

Project Map

Click here to view a Project Map

Environmental Study

Click here to view the IDEM Environmental Study

Total cost of project

$2.87 million

Total length of project

1.11 miles





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