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Krista Attreau

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John's music is a comfort in my life - a 'friend' I turn to for music that inspires me, soothes my soul, makes me think outside my comfort zone, dance like no one is watching, sing like I'm a performer and lift my spirits. Having heard him speak of his love and passion for his art, John's paintings have grown on me over the years and many pieces of art and art exhibits I have had the opportunity to view. It is so interesting to look at the different media he uses and the not-so-hidden message you find when you examine them.

Kevin Gardner

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I play his music weekly and he is the truest sense of an Indiana boy from an Indiana town.

Becky Wilson

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Growing up in a small country town and my grandparents were farmers how hard people work to survive and how you could loose it all or being a teenager in love

Jeanne Sutton

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I love john because he is true to himself. He doesn't waiver even when others don't agree. He's shown such loyalty to his fans.

Tyler and Sharon Vandesteeg

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Always listened in the car. Traveling, cruising, or at parties.

Richele Griffin

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Home, everything he writes, sings, paints about reminds me of home.

Dave Neukam

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John's music to me means Hometown Pride

Katrina Launonen

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John's music to me means...Hometown...down to earth

Cam Litt

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What does John's music mean to me... It makes you feel good.

Brian Ellickson

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What does John's music mean to me....Good memories

Douglas Miles

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No matter what phase of music I enjoyed, from heavy metal to punk to Christian, John Mellencamp was always a favorite though every decade of my life. I remember being 16 and hearing his lyric, Hold on to 16 as long as you can, changes coming around real soon make us women and men' and I took it to heart.

Connie Putnam

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What does John's music mean to me... Great Music

Kathy Sykes

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What does John's music mean to me.. Love his music

John Mellencamp Fan


What does John's Music mean to me.. Love the enthusiasm

Denise Cavanaugh

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What does John's music mean to me...... Hometown love!

Suehana Kieres

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John Mellencamp's music has been a part of my entire life. It seems as if his music grew with me. From being a teenager and hanging out with friends; listening to a new album with my husband or playing his music while dancing with the kids in the living room.

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