Community Crossings Matching Grant Funds

Indiana Department of Transportation has awarded Seymour a total of $893,551.48 in its second round of Community Crossings Matching Grant (CCMG) funds this year for road and bridge projects.

This amount will be matched by the Seymour Redevelopment Commission and result in nearly $2 million of road work including reconstruction of Phillips Lane and paving of approximately 5 miles total of other city streets.

The projects will go out to bid this month and be awarded by the end of the year with work to begin in the spring and be completed by early fall 2022.

In May 2021, the city received $108,000 in CCMG funds, which was used to apply a surface rejuvenator on 11 miles total of streets to extend their lifespan by as much as five years.

Seymour Mayor Matt Nicholson thanked INDOT and state leaders for continuing to make CCMG funds available to invest in the maintenance of local roads and streets.

Local INDOT representatives were helpful in providing feedback and answering questions throughout the application process, he added, and the city team consisting of engineer Bernie Hauersperger along with Department of Public Works Director Chad Dixon and Michelle Gossett worked to put together a strong grant application resulting in the award.

“This helps keep us pretty much on track with our plan,” Nicholson said.

The condition of Seymour’s streets is at an all-time high thanks to the CCMG program and the city’s asset management plan put into place in 2014.

Since 2016, Seymour has received approximately $5 million from the state from the CCMG program and has invested a total of roughly $10 million in road maintenance. Before that time, the city was only putting about $150,000 to $200,000 into road repairs annually.

More than 200 projects from across the state received nearly $102 million from this round of CCMG funds.

The state’s next call for CCMG projects is Jan. 3, 2022, with funds to be awarded in in spring 2022.

Launched in 2016, the CCMG program provides matching grants to cities, towns, and counties across Indiana to make improvements to local roads and bridges.

Community Crossings is a partnership between INDOT and Hoosier communities, both urban and rural, to invest in infrastructure projects that catalyze economic development, create jobs, and strengthen local transportation networks.

Since 2016, the state has awarded $940 million in state funds to support local road and bridge projects throughout Indiana.

Projects that are eligible for funding through Community Crossings include road and bridge preservation projects with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance in connection with these projects. Material costs for chip sealing and crack filling operations also are eligible for funding. 

List of CCMG Road projects to begin in Spring 2022

  • List of CCMG Road projects to begin in Spring 2022
  • HMA patching, milling, and resurfacing
  • 3rd Street from Indianapolis Ave. to Mill St.
  • Berkshire Ct. from Berkshire St. to dead end
  • Brown St. from Pine St. to Chestnut St.
  • Chestnut St. from 4th St. to 5th St.
  • Chestnut St. from Laurel St. to 3rd St.
  • Hartsell Drive from 1000 ft north of Killion to City limits
  • East 15th St. from North Vine St. to Arvin Ave.
  • East 6th St. from North Ewing to North Broadway
  • McDonald St. from Poplar St. to Walnut St.
  • Montgomery from Dead end to US 31
  • North Pine St. from West 8th St. to West 9th St.
  • North O’Brien from Foxboro Ct. to Enos Rd.
  • Oak St. from O’Brien to Jackson Park
  • Park St. from Brown St. to Tipton St.
  • St. Louis Ave. from Pine St. to Poplar St.
  • St. Louis Ave. from Walnut St. to Chestnut St.
  • Thompson Road from Schleter Rd. to US 50
  • Walnut St. from Tipton St. to 2nd St.
  • Windhorst Ct. from Carter to Dead end
  • Nottingham from Scarlet to Lancelot

Major Reconstruction

  • Phillips Lane from Garden Ave. to Evergreen Dr.



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